Is everyone I have ever met a psychopath??

Welcome to my blog, make yourself comfortable. My name’s John Watson: former army doctor, now flatmate to the maddest man in London. After Afghanistan I hoped for a new, exciting life. Now I run around the city chasing murderers, thieves, conspirators and psychopaths. On top of that, when he’s not being brilliant, I take care of England’s largest juvenile. Don’t get me wrong, most days my life is fantastic, but I'd like to speak to, well, /normal/ people every now and again. So that’s this.
To normal people.
I hope.
(Mun: 20, female, USA, multishiper, multifandom spazatron)

putting these up in my room during Finals week- probably the best idea I’ve had in years…

  • 9 May 2013
  • 32